IMPACT Website Program

If you are currently paying into I.M.P.A.C.T. you may be eligible to take part in this program. Local unions, contractors, and District Councils must first reach out to the IMPACT National Office and speak with David Fuson. He can be reached at (800) 545-4921 or you can email him at

How The Sites Work

Once you have approval from IMPACT you will work directly with Union Labor Words to implement the site design that you wish to use. There are numerous templates that have been designed to give you differentiation between your fellow members. Each template can be further customized to meet your individual needs.

Once you have a site selected, you will provide ULW with your content. Main pages include, Home, About Us, Training, Benefits, Photo Gallery, Links, Contact Us, etc. ULW will upload all of your content into the beta site to the point where you are ready to go live with the site. From there you will be trained on how to use the Content Management System which will give you the ability to be able to make updates to the site on a regular basis. Content is King. The more you have on your site, the more visitors you will get.

Additional Features

Once you get your site launched, you will have the ability to discuss additional features with ULW such as social media, E-Blasts, On-line Dues Payments and more.